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Good Earth Agriculture

                                    good food, good health, Good Earth!                                  


We practice sustainable agriculture according to the following principles-

                 - prudent use of renewable and/or recyclable resources                          

                 - protecting the integrity of natural systems so they are regenerated

                  - improving the lives of individuals and the community

                  - profitability


Good Earth Agriculture produces the following items for sale-  
- fragrant Jasmine rice
- fruit and vegetables
- tilapia and catfish
- ducks and eggs
- seeds, seedlings and saplings          
- compost and organic fertilizer
We also offer-
- sustainable agriculture courses                                                                           
- farm stay holidays
- English language school
- translation service
- swimming lessons                                                                                               
We do most of our land preparation using water buffalo or hand tools.
The buffalo are not only our 'tractor', they also provide one of the main
ingredients for the compost pile.  
The nursey is where many of the plants begin their lives. We grow fragrant jasmine rice and many kinds of fruits and vegetables. The shade net on the nursery provides protection from the hot tropical sun. The compost pit helps to ensure that the plants will be growing in good soil that has adequate nutrients for them.
                                              Tilapia fry tank                                  Duck & fish pond                                                                                           
                                          Tilapia grow out pond                         Full grown tilapia
                                       Raised salad bed made from old banana stalks with the new duck
                                       house being built behind it. Between are mangoe, banana and papaya.
                                                          The fish and duck pond is on the left.
Good Earth Agriculture
113 Moo 3
Ban Sai, Prakhonchai
Buriram 31140
Steve, Oh & Jane
Upcoming projects
- a Sevonius wind rotor for irrigation pumping
- a solar rice dryer
- more fish ponds and canals
-more greenhouses and shadehouses
- a barn extension
- a rice mill
- new orchards
Building a greenhouse using pvc pipe and plastic.
In the dry season the plastic is removed and replaced with shade net.

We are currently constructing  tanks  to grow duckweed in. The duckweed will be used to feed the fish  and, of course, the ducks.
We are also constructing a closed Aquaponics system that grows vegetables hydroponically utilizing fish waste. The fish feed the plants and the plants clean the fish tankwater. A complete ecosystem!

The new aquaponics system, almost finished!